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VIPER is one of the longest established motorcycle training companies in the north-west. Take a look through our website, it’s full of all the information you will need to get riding your scooter or motorcycle safely and confidently. CBT, Direct Access, 125cc test, Advanced or Refresher course, we’ll help you to get through it all. Below is a selection of the courses we offer.

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CBT – Compulsory Basic Training

CBT, DAS and Advanced Motorcycle training in Southport, Preston and Chorley — CBTThe CBT is a legal requirement that you must take before you can begin riding on the road. A one-day course getting you started riding your 50cc moped or 125 cc motorbike legally and safely. Once the course has been completed you are able to legally ride on the road. The DL196 allows the holder to ride a ‘learner’ motorcycle defined as a maximum of 125cc and 11Kw or 14.6bhp, you must display L plates on the  front and rear of the bike. The CBT lasts for two years, after the two years if you haven’t passed your full motorcycle test then you will have to take the CBT, theory and hazard perception test again. At VIPER we have a very high pass rate for all of our students, if you don’t pass the CBT first time, don’t worry we offer a second chance at the CBT completely free.

DAS – Direct Access

CBT, DAS and Advanced Motorcycle training in Southport, Preston and Chorley — Kyle and DanThe DAS course allows riders aged 19 and over to do the motorcycle test on one of our 500cc motorbikes to get the A2 category licence, once this has passed you can ride any bike upto 46.7bhp. If you are 24 or over you can take your (A Category) test on one of our new 650cc motorbikes and on successful completion you can ride any size/power motorbike. At VIPER, we tailor all our training sessions to your needs, we offer morning, afternoon, weekend and after work evening classes.


CBT, DAS and Advanced Motorcycle training in Southport, Preston and Chorley — KashaThe current Government driving test allows the candidate to make up to 16 minor (riding) errors over a route often not exceeding 6 miles and taking less than 35 minutes to complete. The DIAmond Advanced Test will take more than one hour and will encompass most types of road conditions. A maximum of six minor faults will be allowed. The DIAmond Advanced Riding Test is the first advanced test available to the general public which examines the Driving Standards Agency’s recommended syllabus for riding in its entirety. The candidates must be able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and show understanding of the system of riding. Also demonstrate a progressive ride and a high degree of skill and competence. All the manoeuvres contained in the recommended syllabus may also be examined. We offer the DIAmond Advanced Levels 1-3 training courses for those who have already passed their DAS and wish to fine tune and enhance their skills.


CBT, DAS and Advanced Motorcycle training in Southport, Preston and Chorley — RefresherVIPER offer a refresher course. This course is to help you to build confidence in your riding abilities. It is not a test and you can take as many refresher courses as you like. This course is good for those riders that may not have ridden for a while and have just got back into motorcycles or maybe you have passed your test but still a little nervous about the road then this course is perfect for you. VIPER offer this course at your availability, so what ever time suits you best, morning, afternoon or evening — we can help.


CBT, DAS and Advanced Motorcycle training in Southport, Preston and Chorley — KashaIf you have done your CBT or DAS elsewhere and are thinking of taking one of our courses then we offer FREE one hour assessment with our instructors. This is not a test so you can’t fail. This course is just so our instructors can see how you handle a bike in order to give you the best advice and training.

At VIPER Motorcycle Training it is important to us that you enjoy what ever training course you choose to undertake. We are very selective in our choice of instructors, only the most patient and courteous are selected, its important that you feel relaxed and safe in our training environments and that above all else your successful and enjoy your time with us. Check out testimonials of some of our students and see what they say about us.